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Dr. Joseph Salameh’s Practice has been recognized as one of the top Jacksonville Chiropractic practices.

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  • review rating 5  Awesome Dr. who really cares about the patient. I highly recommend him.

    thumb Sue-Ann Johnson

    review rating 5  For 11 years I have dealt with serious pain and health issues affecting my whole body. I've been to Dr. After Dr. trying to get some relief, but most just dismissed or threw meds at me to mask the pain. I thank God that I finally found someone that wanted to get to the source and actually fix what the issues were. I highly encourage you to see this Dr. He's changed my life after just one visit. This isn't a shameless plug, I just want you to finally feel better like I do. You don't realize how tense and sore your body is until it's been adjusted correctly. This isn't just for spinal issues. He's literally worked on me from head to toe! *Update* 3/19: Life got in the way and I regrettably stopped going routinely, so I was back in serious pain. Not to mention rolling my ankle. The 3 places I went to were a joke. Some did detect issues with an xray and MRI, but did nothing about it. I went to Dr. Salameh hoping for some relief. He looked at it, did some tests and popped it right into place within minutes, (something that the other Doctors didn't even take the time to look at and diagnose). When he was examining my foot he could tell the issues from my broken foot from 2006. Years and years, doctor after doctor (including a podiatrist and physical therapist), and they couldn't do what he did in minutes. He popped the toe into its proper place and I felt relief that I haven't felt in 13 years! I was in shock and so overwhelmed with joy that I was ugly crying and didn't even care. Another physical therapist had misdiagnosed my shoulder issues as a weak scapula. Dr Salameh did a few tests and within minutes had found the real issue and popped my shoulder back into place. Not to mention realignments and showing me how to fix my tmj problem, which should ease the migraines (another thing the other doctors just threw meds at.) The office staff is also very pleasant and helpful. I just can't say enough good things about this place. How friendly they all are, the way he listens, gets to the root and educates you by explaining and teaching you how to do the techniques to help, and most importantly, the miracles he performs! 13 years of pain gone in minutes! MINUTES!! I love that he incorporates physical therapy as well to keep you feeling good. I won't make the mistake of not going regularly again!

    thumb Marisa Garcia
  • review rating 5  Excellent doctor. Dr. Joseph Salameh taught me techniques and stretches that alleviate pain, and I appreciated his professionalism and friendliness. His spinal adjustments brought much-needed relief. I give my highest recommendations.

    thumb Naylene Rondon

    review rating 5  It was a privilege for my children and I to be treated by Dr. Joseph Salameh D.C. I have been treated by many chiropractors in the past, and he has by far surpassed them with his professionalism, knowledge, assertiveness, sincere interest, hands on techniques, skill set and good honest humor. He listens and has genuine concern, and will do his best to help you recover and heal with his natural balanced methods. He will take his time to fully explain the injury and all the different therapies that will improve and restore recovery and pain relief. He is outstanding and I emphasize my recommendations of Dr. Joseph Salameh to anyone who has been hurt, or in a car accident in need of special care, as he will provide impeccable spinal wisdom, and have your best interest at heart. From a rating of 1 to 5 stars, I give him 10 stars. #bestchiropractorinclaycounty, #drsalameh, #spinalinjurycenter. #bestspinaldoctor, #chiropractor, #accident

    thumb Arlyne Rondon
  • review rating 5  They are very friendly and great at explaining what is happening and what to expect.

    thumb Sarah Gleaton

    review rating 5  Dr. Salameh is a super nice guy, he listens and makes sure that you are taken cared of. He takes his job seriously and the care of his patience. I highly recommend anyone to see him.

    thumb AnnieLou Sanchez
  • review rating 5  I walked inside and the staff was super friendly and nice the doctor was amazing i am most definitely glad my insurance sent me to him

    thumb Kenisha Holte

    review rating 5  What a great experience im having with doctor. The staff is awesome! He was my 1st choice and im so happy with him. Thank you so much.

    thumb Brittany Sanchez