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Dr. JosephDr. Salameh is a board-certified chiropractic physician who has always believed in natural healing. He takes a whole body approach to your care and offers the latest therapies to help you heal naturally through corrective chiropractic care, nutrition, and exercise. Dr. Salameh works with you to ensure you achieve an optimal level of health so that you can live life to the fullest.

A Jacksonville native, Dr. Salameh knew at the age of 17, that he wanted to become a chiropractor. His passion for chiropractic care developed after witnessing the healing effects it had on his mother. In 2016, he fulfilled his life-long dream to open his own practice in the city he calls home.

Dr. Salameh attended Life University in Marietta, GA, where he received a doctorate in chiropractic medicine in 2013. He is actively immersed in his church and his community and is a member of the Ramallah Club of Jacksonville. In his off-time, he enjoys long rides on his motorcycle, hunting, fishing, swimming, workouts and chasing around his toddler.

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