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Many times when a person goes to the Chiropractor he or she is under the impression a bone is out of place and pinching a nerve. He or she believes that if the bone is put back in place the problem will be permanently fixed. This could not be any farther from the truth. On most occasions, the pain is a result of injury to the soft tissues of the body. Soft tissues are basically everything attached to the bone. This includes muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint capsules, discs, nerves and fascia. After being injured, soft tissues heal by a relatively complex process, involving three phases.

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Normal soft tissues have a crisscross pattern that gives them strength in all directions of force. When soft tissues are torn, their fibers are disrupted in a manner similar to the tearing of a piece of paper. Once these tissues have torn, they will heal in three distinct phases. The first step is the acute inflammation phase, also known as swelling. This phase and swelling will last for a few days after an injury. During this phase, the tissues continue to swell causing more pain and discomfort to the injured area.


The second phase of healing, called regeneration, begins several days after initial injury. During this phase, the tears in the tissues begin to accumulate small protein cells called collagen. These cells create a glue that fills the gap in the tissues caused by the tear. This laying down of the collagen glue during the regeneration phase will take six to eight weeks to complete. After this phase no more glue will be laid down. The glue is what will become scar tissue. When the glue is making scar tissue in the injured area it is being laid down in a weaker more irregular pattern and not in the stronger, criss-cross consistent pattern. After all the glue is in place and the scar tissue has been formed, the healing process is still not yet complete.


The final phase is the remodeling phase. This phase takes up to 12 months or longer. During this phase, the irregular pattern of scar tissues will line up in the proper direction to create a better quality of healing. Therefore, remodeling is a motion-dependent phase, that governs the quality of healing in the tissues.