It’s a terrifying event to go through a car accident. Even after you walk away, you may find yourself with persistent pain and reminders of the trauma you’ve been through. You may find yourself playing the events over and over in your head, reflecting on what went wrong or even losing sleep playing out worst-case scenarios – or even worse if others were seriously hurt in the accident.

Be kind to yourself and take it easy on yourself in the immediate period following a car wreck. You might feel like you have emerged without a scratch to be found. Still, there can sometimes be genuine concerns to keep in mind that are lingering under the surface, such as whiplash, which may not be immediately identifiable following an accident.

Here are some tell-tale warning signs you should be wary of and closely monitor.

  • Persistent neck pain and stiffness, often for long periods following your accident
  • Worsening pain anytime you move your neck
  • Headaches and pain at the base of your skull
  • It hurts to chew or swallow
  • Your ears have a persistent ring in them
  • You’re beginning to notice cognitive problems or difficulties concentrating

It’s a horrible experience to feel neck pain and stiffness, lose the movement in your neck or feel pain and muscle spasms in the arms and shoulder. The important consideration is to seek help. Don’t try to ride it out alone; you may be neglecting pain and injuries that will only continue to grow in severity if left untreated and unchecked. Don’t let a car accident change the trajectory of your life and put your plans on hold because of persistent pain.

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