Jacksonville Physical Therapy

After you’ve been injured, finding the right Jacksonville physical therapy is necessary. Typically, your doctor will prescribe physical therapy as a part of the recovery process. With the right treatment plan, you can gain back lost mobility, relieve pain, and fully recover from your injury.

At the Spinal Injury Centers, we provide complete treatment plans including physical therapy in Jacksonville. Our team of medical professionals will diagnose your injury, create a personalized treatment plan, and help you on the road to a full recovery. Call us today at (904) 644-7034 for an appointment.

Top Physical Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida

Physical Therapy Jacksonville FL

Getting the ongoing care you need requires the best physical therapy in Jacksonville. You don’t want an average recovery plan. After an injury, you want the best treatment and recovery plan possible.

Our physical therapy treatments offer the ongoing care you need. We help your body heal naturally to ensure you don’t develop chronic pain from your injuries. You don’t have to suffer from muscle tightness or pain any longer. Let our team diagnose your injury and create a personalized treatment plan.

Physical Therapy for Injury Recovery & Prevention

We know how important exercise is to your overall health. Whether you’re an athlete recovering from an injury or you’re dealing with chronic pain, the right exercise can help you eliminate pain and heal faster.

Learning the proper exercises for your injury and your body can provide many benefits including:

  • Increased muscle strength and function
  • A stronger immune system
  • Better overall health and well-being
  • Lower body fat
  • Healthier blood cholesterol levels
  • And more!

With the right exercises, you can become a healthier person living a more vibrant life.

When we include physical therapy as a part of your treatment plan, it will be designed for your specific injury. The right exercises for your injury can help restore strength, range of motion, and flexibility. Physical therapy can help speed up the rehabilitative process and even prevent future injury.

Preventing Scar Tissue with Therapeutic Stretches

Finding the right Jacksonville physical therapy should also include the right therapeutic stretches. This type of stretching offers a way to prevent scar tissues and adhesion formation after an injury.

Using therapeutic stretching in your treatment plan can help you avoid future pain and injury. Stretching is a very effective way to keep scar tissue from becoming permanent and to keep inflammation to a minimum.

Get the Best Jacksonville Physical Therapy Today!

When you’re recovering from an injury due to a car accident, sporting event, or work accident, we’re here to help. At the Spinal Injury Centers in Jacksonville, we offer complete treatment plans including physical therapy.

Our physical therapy includes the right exercises, therapeutic stretches, and chiropractic care for faster recovery. Call us today at (904) 644-7034 for an appointment.