Jacksonville Wellness Exams

When you decide to have a routine wellness exam done in Jacksonville, you’ll give your doctor valuable information. A wellness exam is a general health assessment with a complete physical examination. At Spinal Injury Centers, we provide Jacksonville wellness exams to ensure you’re in good health.

Whether you’ve been neglecting your health or you’ve suffered a recent injury, a wellness exam is a great place to start. We can help you make your health a high priority again. Call us today and schedule your appointment at (904) 644-7034.

Monitor Your Health with a Routine Wellness Exam in Jacksonville, Florida

A wellness exam is much like an annual checkup. It’s a great way to stay on top of your health and ensure you don’t run into anything unexpected. you will get the opportunity to meet with your doctor when you’re actually healthy. This type of exam can help your doctor provide valuable advice to address small health issues before they become bigger issues.

Your initial wellness visit will include a wellness plan and schedule. This type of plan is created to help ensure you remain healthy all year long. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just want to take preventative measures, a wellness exam in Jacksonville is a great place to start.

Making Small Changes to Stay Healthy

There are so many things you can do to become healthier. Many people think that becoming healthier means salads for every meal and exercising daily. We recommend that you start slow.

What is one thing that you are doing every day that you could switch out for something healthier?

Could you stop drinking that can of soda for dinner and instead grab a water bottle?

Becoming healthier is all about making small changes. It starts with a wellness exam and the right plan created by a medical professional.

At Spinal Injury Centers, we offer complete wellness exams in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team of medical professionals will make sure you leave with the right plan customized for your specific needs.

Our trained professionals will work with you to understand your body and how you can put your wellness first. We want you to get the results you are looking for. Whether that is to lose weight, to run that 5K, or to decrease your cholesterol, we would love to help you do this!

If you have any questions regarding wellness care, contact us today at (904) 644-7034.